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From Hot Sauce to Elopements” in San Francisco Magazine

The Story Behind Fire Dragon Love Sauce” by blogger/novelist AJ Walkley

“Hot Sauce for Marriage Equality & the ladies behind Fire Dragon” in Dot 429

Interview with Apex Express on KPFA (KPFK in Berkeley), Pacifica Radio. Listen to archive by clicking on this link (scroll to time code: 40:35). June 6, 2013.

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Photo by Angela DeCenzo


“It is very tasty! No getting around that it is wicked hot. Not for the faint of heart. But the habaneros and mezcal give it a complex flavor that makes it worth the burn!” – Michael Natkin, Cookbook Author of Herbivoracious and CTO of (Seattle, WA)

“Fire Dragon Love Sauce nailed it. I’m a hot sauce freak. It has more heat and impressive ingredients than any other hot sauce, plus lots of interesting, delicious flavor, rich color, and nice thickness!” – Marga Gomez, Award-winning LOGO/HBO Comedian (San Francisco, CA)

“After living in New Orleans for four years, I consider myself a hot sauce connoisseur. I can genuinely say that Fire Dragon Love Sauce is the best that I’ve had in a long time. Smoky, bright, and not too spicy, this is a pepper sauce that I use several times a week.” – Bryant Terry, Cookbook Author of Vegan Soul Kitchen and Grub (Oakland, CA)

“Smoky, sultry, and oh-so-good with everything from chocolate to mayo.” – Sita Bhaumik, Interdisciplinary Artist, Research Fellow at the Institute for Art and Olfaction, and Chef Organizer of the People’s Kitchen (Oakland, CA)

“The smoky intoxicating flavor takes my taste buds to a new level.” – Michelle B., Travel Specialist (San Diego, CA)

“Some supposedly great hot sauces include mezcal as their special ingredient, while others show off their habanero. But none bring together mezcal, habanero and Dragon – quite simply an inspired, unprecedented and perfect combination. This is the best hot sauce around, period.” – Ravi Chhatpar, Consultant (South Africa)

“This is my go to hot sauce for everything! It adds just the right amount of punch to home fries, eggs, rice noodles, tamales, collard greens, or whatever your culinary tradition. I hope to see it in a micro bottle so I can pack it in my bag for those emergency moments when confronting flavorless food. Thank you Dragon Love!” – Young Whan Choi, Father of 2012 Water Dragon Baby (Oakland, CA)

“After moving to London, this hot sauce kept me alive!” – Chendo Shuhandorain, Professional Engineer by Day and Musician by Night (London)

“I can’t find anything this awesome sauce is not good on. It has a unique blend of flavors that is not too overwhelming or spicy. It’s just perfect!” – Regina Gonzales, IT Specialist and Military Veteran, (Berkeley, CA)

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